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Team Page General Team Donation
Welcome to the Team Page of
Safe House of Hope
Join Our Team

Join me in my efforts to help stop modern slavery and human trafficking

Thank you for supporting human rights. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Team Members:
Total Raised$6,713.52  
General Team Donation$40.00  
Denene Yates$100.00  
   Theresa Barberi$1,120.00  
   Michaela Benson$15.00  
   Morgan Benson$15.00  
   Jaclyn Bolden$25.00  
   Lisa brown$205.00  
   Lindsay Buzzard$25.00  
   Nika Calzadilla$15.00  
   Aaron Chang$25.00  
   Sara Cochran$600.00  
   Jermaine Corley$25.00  
   Nicolas Corley$15.00  
   Jennifer Dimeler$15.00  
   Donna Doerfler$15.00  
   Christina Evans$130.00  
   simone fary$100.00  
   Sharon Feldman$461.00  
   James Hall$50.00  
   Richard Hall$50.00  
   Patty Hanna$415.00  
   Sarah Jesemy$15.00  
   Kristin Lederman$0.00  
   Heather Libdan$25.00  
   Kristin Lilly$325.00  
   Kimbrel McCuthen$15.00  
   Joseph McQuaid$25.00  
   Sandi McQuaid$125.00  
   Felix Melendez$15.00  
   Julissa Melendez$15.00  
   Krishna Miller$15.00  
   Jessica Montasez$15.00  
   Jaqueline Moore$15.00  
   Renee Murrell$50.00  
   Tina Parks$15.00  
   Lucie Pelgrim$150.00  
   Justin Perry$25.00  
   Khristina Rhead$40.00  
   Kelvin Ricks$25.00  
   Lissa Roberts$70.00  
   Jose Rodriguez$45.00  
   Lena Scott$25.00  
   Jessica Smith$15.00  
   emily spivey$100.00  
   Moniquika Sutton$15.00  
   Lisa Tran$25.00  
   Cindy Waugh$461.00  
   Nicholas Weikel$480.00  
   Mary Wilson$1,021.52  
   Shantress Wise$15.00  
   Alexandra Yates$15.00  
   Charles Yates$25.00  
   Joel Yates$15.00  
   Rachel Yates$15.00  


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