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Team Page General Team Donation
Welcome to the Team Page of
Courtney's House
Join Our Team

Join me in my efforts to help stop modern slavery and human trafficking

Thank you for supporting human rights. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Team Members:
Total Raised$1,794.00  
General Team Donation$0.00  
Barbara Schweitzer$60.00  
   Megan Alcorn$12.00  
   Jennie Anderson$30.00  
   Heather Barish$100.00  
   Mechelle Branch$25.00  
   Arlene Brens$401.00  
   Tanya Burrwell$25.00  
   Ana Cardoso$12.00  
   Clare Carlo$25.00  
   Marissa Cowan$25.00  
   Tami Fenno$0.00  
   Max Fisher$40.00  
   courtney frundt$0.00  
   Shanaq Frundt$0.00  
   Tina Frundt$0.00  
   John Glasgow$25.00  
   Steve Glickman$12.00  
   Elsie Gomes$25.00  
   Kayleen Hartman$50.00  
   Micah Hartman$50.00  
   Cybele Hirschhorn$0.00  
   Anne Hoye$25.00  
   Caleb Jeffrie$0.00  
   Sasha Jeffrie$15.00  
   Christine Jonason$15.00  
   Rachel Keller$15.00  
   Christin Krzywonski$12.00  
   Colin Lawrence$125.00  
   Whitney Livingston$0.00  
   Jan-Sheri Morris$25.00  
   Casey Nelson$15.00  
   golda philip$25.00  
   Churck Pinkett$0.00  
   Vaughn Pinkett$0.00  
   Rhesha Plummer$25.00  
   kathleen pormento$15.00  
   Lyndy Quast$15.00  
   Darnell Rhodes$0.00  
   Christy Schweitzer$5.00  
   Evan Schweitzer$10.00  
   Glenn Schweitzer$0.00  
   Camille Scott$15.00  
   Shelly Scott$25.00  
   Krasi Shapkarova$0.00  
   Tei Spaine$20.00  
   Peta-Gaye Stewart$250.00  
   Cheryl Wadhwa$100.00  
   THERESA WARD$25.00  
   Candace Webb$50.00  
   Megan Whitacre$25.00  
   Kaity Wilson$25.00  


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