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Welcome to the Team Page of
Join Our Team

Join me in my efforts to help stop modern slavery and human trafficking

Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. We make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but our business is freedom!

We would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in our neighborhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.

Thank you for supporting human rights. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,301.00  
General Team Donation$100.00  
Sunny Hwang$50.00  
   Christine Buchholz$25.00  
   Dawn Carowitz$100.00  
   Wendy Chang$25.00  
   Sara Choe$25.00  
   Angela Choi$25.00  
   Hannah Choi$15.00  
   Jessica Choi$15.00  
   Joanne Choi$15.00  
   Lisa Choi$25.00  
   Mia Choi$25.00  
   daniel chun$0.00  
   Joash Chung$25.00  
   Sara Clayton$15.00  
   Nicole Dierolf$25.00  
   Ian Fung$25.00  
   david ha$15.00  
   Borah Hong$15.00  
   Katherine Huynh$60.00  
   Sun Hwang$15.00  
   Sunny Hwang$0.00  
   Stephen Jung$15.00  
   Francis Kang$0.00  
   Shine Kang$15.00  
   Amanda Kim$15.00  
   Angela Kim$12.00  
   anna kim$25.00  
   Cara Kim$15.00  
   Chanwoo Kim$15.00  
   Chris Kim$15.00  
   Daniel Kim$25.00  
   Ellen Kim$25.00  
   Eunice Kim$15.00  
   Gene Kim$15.00  
   Ji Yoon Kim$15.00  
   John Kim$12.00  
   Kelly Kim$25.00  
   Kevin Kim$15.00  
   LISA KIM$355.00  
   Min Kim$15.00  
   Rebecca Kim$12.00  
   ryan kim$50.00  
   Skye Kim$25.00  
   Su Kim$25.00  
   Sehhee Koh$0.00  
   matthew koo$0.00  
   Julie Kye$12.00  
   Amber Lee$15.00  
   Brian Lee$50.00  
   Daniel Lee$15.00  
   Esther Lee$12.00  
   James Lee$50.00  
   john lee$35.00  
   Kathy Lee$15.00  
   Lauren Lee$0.00  
   Melissa Lee$12.00  
   Michelle Lee$25.00  
   Paul Lee$15.00  
   Roman Lee$0.00  
   Ryan Lee$0.00  
   Thomas Lee$25.00  
   Yoojin Lee$15.00  
   Brian Mendoza$25.00  
   Matthew Min$15.00  
   Kana Miyasato$15.00  
   Jennifer Noh$40.00  
   Jeremiah Ok$15.00  
   Joshua Ok$15.00  
   alan pak$0.00  
   Alan Pak$15.00  
   Andy Pak$12.00  
   Gina Pak$15.00  
   Hannah Pak$15.00  
   Nathan Pak$15.00  
   brian park$0.00  
   Brian Park$15.00  
   Jane Park$15.00  
   Joseph Park$15.00  
   Sejin Park$15.00  
   Tony Park$50.00  
   Anbinh Phan$25.00  
   Eugene Ro$15.00  
   Mee Young Song$25.00  
   Sean Song$15.00  
   Alexia Sung$15.00  
   Shirley Tran$12.00  
   Sara Um$15.00  
   Alex Wong$25.00  
   Jane Yang$15.00  
   Chung Yi$75.00  
   Matthew Yi$25.00  
   Stephanie Yi$25.00  
   Angela Yoon$15.00  


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